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Somatic Release

When a client enters a massage room with the intention on receiving a relaxing, therapeutic massage, they are bringing with them, to varying degrees, their anxieties, worries, job or relationship related stress, grief, as well as happiness and joy. 


With somatic massage therapy, the unwanted barriers to feeling good are communicated to me, the therapist, with the intention of releasing and moving through the effects of how they affect the bodymind in all of the facets of functioning, including the immune, lymphatic, fascia, muscular and others. 


An example of this was a session I had with a client in a Spa. While working on her legs and the corresponiding Chinese meridian of the bladder, she reported extra sensitivity in that area. I perceived that this related to some mental conflict in her or overworking of her mental functioning. When I asked her how long she experienced the pain and if any major changes in her life that may have occurred at that time, she reported that she had a new supervisor that replaced her previous "beloved" supervisor and she was having trouble with the new business relationship. 


With this awareness and helping her briefly discuss her concerns, the somatic component can now be brought to light, and other more productive means of addressing the stress can now be implemented.


Who can benefit from somatic massage?

  • Clients who feel detached from their bodies.
  • Have feelings that need to be "vented" or heard by a compassionate person.
  • Lost a loved one through death, divorce or separation.
  • Clients who simply think too much and keeps them from feeling.


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