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Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage has a variety of approaches and modalities. If I was to say that I perform a deep tissue massage or therapeutic massage, what would that mean to you? What associations do you have of deep tissue? That it is painful, or that pain is what you need to feel good? People are often concerned that deep tissue will cause pain, prehaps from a past experience, so avoid it. Then get a massage from a therapist that just brushes over the skin.

After performing many hours of massage over the past fifteen years on clients from all over the world, I have developed a therapeutic massage technique that encompasses multiple approaches, from neuromuscular to shiatsu, swedish to myoskeletal, orthopedic and energy work. However, when I being massaging a client for the first time, there is an approach that is created in that moment for what I am feeling is needed for that client to improve muscular, circulatory, pulmonary, immune and kinesthetic functioning for them. From me, you will never receive a "protocol massage", it will be created in the moment for you.Of course, your feedback is important, that you may find that you can handle more challenging work and on each visit, we can evolve the session to accomplish more.


I am designing a training for massage therapists that encompasses my approach that allows the therapist to stay energized, focused and grounded so that that state can be passed on to the client in the "visica pisces", or interconnecting fields of energy in which that mind state of the practitioner and client are communicated subconsciously, or unconsciously, with each other. The role of the therapist is to create a connection with the client in which the quality of touch is communicated and trust and relaxation can be instilled. In that state of trust, the client feels and believes that the goal they had for the session is being addressed and that they will leave feeling restored and brought to a higher state of functioning.

What client benefits are reported after massage:

  • Deep state of relaxation
  • Improved range of motion
  • A sense of almost leaving the body
  • Improved breathing and quality of sleep
  • Equanimity, or sense of balance that helps with stress reduction
  • Improvement of lingering musculoskeletal condition 


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