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Couples Massage Encounter

Do you need for you and your partner to reconnect in a new way? Have tried to massage each other but got tired easily? In the Couple Massage encounter experience, I will show you how easy it is to add the dimension of quality massage to your relationship. 


I come to your location with all of the necessary supplies, including sheets, massage table, lotions and oils. You create the ambiance with your preferred music, setting, flowers. Depending on the time that you select, I begin by having you both create an intention for your encounter experience. Each partner expresses verbally or in a letter that intention and what needs and desires for each other. Then, what touch does each partner want. For some simply a nice scalp or foot massage helps that partner to feel love and connected after a stressful day.


For the "training". one partner receives while I show the other how to massage easily with minimal effort. Making the process pleasurable for the giver and receiver makes both of you more likely to practice often. Feedback is given, adjustments made, then partners switch. You can also add on a 30 or 60 minute session by me to integrate what you have learned. 


I will then show you how to purchase a massage table at a reasonable price should you wish to do so. Call for free consultation. Great for birthdays and anniversaries.

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