Deep Tissue Massage and Hypnotherapy Call 603-254-7028 Scott Legier, DCH, HHP
Deep Tissue Massage and HypnotherapyCall 603-254-7028MindSoulTouch.comScott Legier, DCH, HHP 

Deep Tissue Massage

-Fascia or connective tissue is warmed through kneading and slow deep movements into the musculature

-Micro-stretching the muscles along with acupressure relieves "knots" or muscle attachments

-Go into the deep relaxation, para-sympathetic state, in which the body repairs itself




Guided into a deeply relaxed state in which personal control is kept

-Access the part of the Self that has the answers you seek to personal fulfillment

-Reframe experience and adopt new behaviors to achieve success




Spiritual Regression

-Access the personal archetypes that give meaning

-Discover the images that represent to challenges you are experiencing

-Experience the superconscious state in which you find answers within.



Welcome to Scott Legier, DCH, HHP

Touch through Therapeutic Massage:

Provide deeply therapeutic massage for the most demanding clients working in high-end Spas integrating techniques from Sports, Orthopedic, Fascia, Lymphatic Drainage, Acupressue, Neuromuscular, Lomi Lomi and Swedish. Was cited in Luxury SpaFinder Magazine as one of the Hall of Fame massage therapists for 2007. Call for free consult about your requirements and how my approach may be able to assist in relieving repetitive strain patterns.


Mind through hypnosis and Personal Coaching:

I utilize hypnosis and dialogue to help you achieve your goals and assist in removing blocks to your happiness and success. I play your "Angel's" advocate and bring to light your wholeness and greatness and helping to reframe events in your life that may be adding stress. I work with each client to help them build on their strengths to identify and achieve life goals.



WIth safe hypnotic regression, I will deepen you to alpha, delta and theta states of consciousness in which your soul can be accessed for deeper understanding of your eternal self. Certified in Life Between Life regression therapy, this session can last from 2-4 hours in which, after deepening, you enter "heaven" through the front door and relive your existence in the bardo state. 



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